In One Year

Hi you! How is it all going?

I’m enjoying my last week of sick leave, before returning to the workforce after almost a year away on Monday. It’s funny that it’s happening right now, because this last weekend also happened to be the one year ‘anniversary’ of when things went all wrong for me. When I crashed and burned.

I can hardly believe how much has happened in the year since.

It makes me think that anything can happen in the space of twelve months, and it feels really exciting to think of what might come in this new year ahead. I have a good feeling about it.

Until Christmas I will be working as a school librarian, which I think will be a really good and stable time. I’ll also be going to therapy, so it’ll hopefully be a time of personal development. After Christmas however, I have no idea what will happen. It’s a wide open window of time. Gosh, I don’t know if that scares or excites me more.


Hannah xx

Pink rose in full bloom.

A wall of roses in London.


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