Settling in to life in Alvdal

Hi everyone, how is it going?

I’m still settling into my new life here in Alvdal. I like the house, and have already painted my room and ordered a new wallpaper. It’s this one, isn’t it lovely? I have a great, big teak shelving unit which I think will look really gorgeous with it.


My new wallpaper, won’t it look pretty with teak furniture?

I’ve also been thinking a lot about gardening, but I haven’t done much about it because I’m lacking the confidence to get stuck in with something that I don’t have the skills or experience to handle! There’s a really lovely garden here, with loads of rose bushes and nice, quite big lawns, and I would love to make a flower bed, but I’m worried about digging up the earth and making it look bad. Maybe I’ll just get some pots with earth in them to start with. We’ll see.

I’m practicing driving a lot, and reading for the theory test. I want to get my licence this summer, because with my new librarian job I need to travel to different schools and when the winter comes I won’t want to cycle through the snow!

Tomorrow me and my mum are driving back to our family house in Bergen for my nephew’s birthday party, so it’ll be back to living out of a suitcase this weekend, but I think it’ll be a lovely time.

Things are moving quite slowly for me now, but I’m really enjoying the pace. My life has been full of upheavals, grief and confusion for a year, and now my mind needs some time and space to settle. A few months ago I would have been giving myself a hard time for letting a week or so slip by without doing very much, but now I know that it’s healthy to give yourself a break, to sleep in and then spend the day relaxing, drinking coffee and watching your favourite TV shows.

I saw my psychologist yesterday, and she says that the mind can be exhausted for a really long time after a psychosis. On top of that I’d been travelling for six weeks before coming here last week, so it’s no wonder I’ve needed a breather.

I’ll leave you with another picture of my beautiful wallpaper!


Hannah xx

b (1)

Looove the pattern of my wallpaper, and I can’t wait to get loads of nice, lush plants for my room as well!

4 thoughts on “Settling in to life in Alvdal

  1. Em says:

    πŸ™‚ your wallpaper is stunning! I love it! I also love your awareness of the importance of accepting that sometimes resting is exactly what we need to do. I’m a late-comer to the ‘rest’ party too but it is so important πŸ™‚ it’s a skill! ‘learn to rest, not to quit’ as Banksy is said to have said! I’d love to hear more about your library job if you feel like sharing about it. I’m thinking of doing a masters in Librarian and Information Science in the next few years as I want to go into that field. Libraries in schools sounds great πŸ™‚ I’d love to be based in a secondary school and run some book clubs or things… just day dreams at the moment for me though… Best of luck with the driving studies – I’m sure you’ll be behind the wheel in no time xx Em

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    • hannahgreenexx says:

      Thank you so much Em! It took me a long time to accept that resting is often necessary, but I’ve come a long way there. I can still improve though, before I thought rationally about it I was feeling like I wasn’t good enough because I was doing so little. I think it’s about practicing the rational thinking, so that eventually that’s how you think automatically. Like you say, it’s a skill!
      I actually don’t know much about the librarian job myself yet, I don’t have any experience so I’m kind of being thown in the deep end. I’ll definitely be writing about it once I start though! That’s cool that you want to do a masters for it, you should look into courses, take the next step from day dreaming! β˜ΊοΈπŸ“šπŸŒΊ Thanks for reading! Xx

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