Gratitude from May

Hi everyone! Today I am starting something I’ve been thinking about for a while, which is joining in on the gratitude posts, inspired by Suzy at From The Fringe! I think it’s such a lovely idea, doing posts about what you’re grateful for, and I’ll be doing them monthly.

May was such a busy month for me, and all over the place – Norway, Germany, UK – all beautiful countries in which to enjoy spring coming in to full bloom. I’m so grateful for all the wonderful experiences I had this May, and now I’m glad to share them all with you.

My trip to Germany

Going to Germany was amazing. Mostly because I saw my very good friend whose company I enjoy so much, but also because of all the lovely things we got up to, wandering around the castle grounds in Potsdam, spending the weekend at the castle in Shönow, meeting so many new and wonderful people, I really am so glad I went.

My time in Bergen

Bergen is the city I grew up in, it’s where our good, old house is, and it’s a city with so many good friends of mine. The week I spent there was absolutely gorgeous, the cherry trees were in full bloom all over the city, I got in some good quality time with my family and I saw friends I hadn’t seen for a while.

My trip to the UK

I’m so glad I decided to go to the UK for a week. I spent a weekend up in Tamworth, where I went to my friend’s engagement party, and it just meant so much to me to be there for her big day. I also saw some other friends from uni, and I just had the best time. I then spent time in London, where I saw more good friends and caught up on all the latest news from the city.

Moving to Alvdal

Finally, after almost a year of turbulence and uncertainty, I am settled in a place for more than just a few months here and there. Alvdal is a teeny, tiny town in eastern Norway, and it is my new home in this great, big world. My parents have recently bought a new house here, and I can’t wait to get stuck in with the painting and decorating! Now I can unpack properly for the first time in I don’t know how long, and I am really looking forward to it.

Getting my new job

Last but not least, I am so grateful for my new job! I had a job interview this Monday and I got the job there and then, very exciting! I am now a librarian, with a handsome paycheque and a working day which will yet again be dominated by the great big love of my life – books! I start on June 19, and will be there until Christmas, after which I will go off on another wonderful adventure (which I do not yet know what is).

A lovely old building and a gorgeous cherry tree.

The building and the tree from another angle, also love the lamp post!

A lake and park in Bergen city centre, lined with cherry trees.

How cute is this little wheelbarrow-flower bed?

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