A Summer’s Day in Oslo

Hello my loves, how is it all going?

I’ve had a busy few days at my family’s get-together, and I’m now spending some time in Oslo with my cousin before catching a flight to Berlin tomorrow morning.

I’m having such a nice time with my cousin. She’s having a nap now, so we’re having a bit of down-time, but we’ve been out wandering the streets of Oslo today after a late breakfast, and last night we cracked open a bottle (or two) of wine and had a good, long chat about this and that. I haven’t really spent time with her one-on-one for ages, so it’s been a really good catch up.

We’ve had the most gorgeous summer’s day today, with 18 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. It was time for sunnies and bare legs – perfect!

I haven’t really spent much time in Oslo. There’s been trips here and there, but not enough for me to get really familiar with the city. It’s got such a nice vibe though, with cute little trams travelling up and down the streets, really nice park spaces and plenty of cafés and shops spilling out onto the sidewalks. 

I can really feel how much better I am, my anxiety levels are so low, and I’m feeling almost entirely relaxed and at ease. It’s such a relief to not be so tense and agitated all the time.



A beautiful summer day!

Fountain in a park.

Spring time and coffee.

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