Mt. Tron University of Peace Foundation

Happy Thursday morning all!

Yesterday was a big day – I travelled back up to Alvdal, the new little town I’ve moved to with my mum, and we moved from the Eco Village I wrote about to a new flat, and it is like a fairy tale here. We’re on the top floor of an old hotel high up on a mountain, in a flat which the owners of the hotel used to live in back in the days when it was all open for business. I think people used to come here for skiing holidays.

The mountain, Tron, is known for being the place where the philosopher and yogiΒ Surenda Nath Baral came to from India, a hundred years ago. He travelled to Europe to teach Westeners about ‘Shanti Veda – The Wisdom of Peace’, holding lectures at universities in London, Stockholm and Oslo, before settling on this mountain in 1917, with the idea of building a Peace University. The university has yet to be built, but the architectural drawings are made, and the Mt. Tron University of Peace Foundation is now located here at the hotel.

It feels a little like divine intervention, being here. A feeling of rightness has settled in me. They teach about yoga as a holistic practice, covering so much more than just yoga as exercise, but as an entire way of life. It all just appeals to me, to my own beliefs and values, and it’s wonderful to be reminded of those.

Anyway, we’ll see how things develop, but hopefully I’ll be writing about it all as I learn more.


Hannah xx

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My new office.

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Gorgeous view!

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My mum was quick to put our pictures up.

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