Headspace: A Path To Mental Wellness

Good afternoon my darlings!

Has anyone tried Headspace? It’s an app which provides guided meditations, starting with 10 minute sessions and working up to longer, more advanced ones. I’ve just finished the introduction and I think it’s wonderful, so I wanted to share it with you all as I think it’s a great tool for managing mental illness. It makes my own depression feel more manageable, and it seems every time I use the app I gain a tiny bit more of an understanding of my own mental health.

Take 10 – the introduction

The ‘Take 10’ program is an introduction to meditation which takes you through the basics, focusing on breathing and awareness, and it is interspersed with really cute animations which explain how meditation works and what the benefits of it are. ‘Take 10’ is basically just ten minutes of meditation every day for ten days. I found it very useful, and I’m really excited to start on the second program, which is fifteen minutes every day.

Series – the more advanced stuff

There are also more specific series, where you can meditate to focus on different areas of your life such as health, relationships, performance and sport. I’m looking forward to trying out the sessions on depression, self-esteem and anxiety, which I think could be so useful to me.

Singles – meditate with your activities

I’ve tried one of the ‘singles’ sessions – meditation for running, which was great. I went for a run and was taught how to run mindfully, and it really made the run much more enjoyable and mindful, so different to how it usually is for me, when I am just trying to distract myself from what is happening. There are also sessions for commuting, walking, eating, cooking, sleeping and more.

My impression

Overall I think Headspace is a great app – it really makes meditation feel so simple and easy, and I can already feel the effects of taking ten minutes out of my day to clear my head a little. I’d recommend it to anyone!


Hannah xx


The super cute animations in Headspace are really good at explaining how it all works.

17 thoughts on “Headspace: A Path To Mental Wellness

  1. molaplume says:

    Good morning dear Hannah and thanks for this great blog. We are being so thorougly “bombarded” by the noise and silliness of the mass media that we are losing the capacity to meditate even for brief moments. I will definetely try that app and I will start following your wise advice. A kiss. Arrivederci!

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  2. lovinginthelight says:

    I’m experienced in meditation, I’ve been practicing since I was a child, and Headspace is still my favorite app! It’s an excellent practice to get into and it’s not too simple even if you’re experienced with other types of meditation. Honestly I haven’t felt as clear with any other type of meditation.

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    • hannahgreenexx says:

      Hi! Thanks for your comment and sorry about my super late reply! It’s such a great app right, I absolutely agree with you. Personally I’m not that experienced, I’ve had several introductions but never went very far with it, but I’m hoping to stick to it now and see where Headspace can take me!

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