Gaia Eco Village

Life at Gaia Eco Village is pretty good, I must say. People are very friendly and welcoming and the natural environment is quite stunning. People live here in a commune, some permanently, some just coming up for the weekends, and they eat together and work together around the grounds.

My mum and I keep a little to ourselves, and I sometimes stay in my room, reading, writing and meditating, or go in to the nearby town. But we also chat to the people here and look around the local area.

Yesterday we went up the mountain to where a few people have set up a ‘peace university’ in an old hotel, and we did yoga and meditation and learnt more about these, and related, traditions. I’m hoping to go up there again to learn more about this and maybe do a proper post on it. Anyway, there was a really lovely vibe there, a wonderful, big house, and beautiful views. We were served a delicious vegetarian meal and had great company.

All in all I’m having a really good time and look forward to seeing how things develop for me here.


Hannah xx

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