A Happy Moment

So my London trip has come to an end, and it’s rather nice to be back in Norway. I had the most wonderful day yesterday when I met up with my friends from uni, the weather was perfect and it was so nice to see the people who used to be part of my everyday life again.

We went to a pub in Bethnal Green first, the Florist, where we had stone baked pizza and beer. Then we went to Victoria park and rented rowing and paddling boats and spent an hour or so on the water with these gorgeous trees hanging over us, reading poetry and listening to music and relaxing in the sun. Afterwards we rented Boris Bikes and cycled through the leafy spring streets of London and down to the London Emirates cable cars, where we were raised up into the sky to look out over the beautiful London skyline as the sun set. In the evening we went to Soho and a Vietnamese restaurant and a cocktail bar. It was all just such fun!

I had a moment, when I was lying down on my seat in the boat and watching the clear, blue sky above, where I felt completely content and happy, and it gave me so much hope because it was as though all the bad times from the last year were suddenly worth living through, just so that I could reach that one lovely moment in time. And surely there will be other such moments in my life, where things come together just so and you find yourself feeling entirely happy. And if I can just hold on to that, to the fact that there will be moments which make life worth living through, then maybe, just maybe, I’ll be alright. And wouldn’t that be lovely.

Anyway, now I’m on a train, heading towards the little town that I’m moving to for the very first time, where my mum has got a new job and where she has found me a potential job as well, as a librarian. It will be exciting to see what it’s like. But for now I’m just going to drink my coffee, listen to my music, watch this beautiful view and remember that there are good moments in life which make all the bad ones fade away in comparison.


Hannah xx

Pizza and beer at the Florist, best stone baked pizza in London!

Boating in Victoria Park.

Beautiful willow tree on the lake of Victoria park.

London Emirates cable cars.

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