London oh London

Hello lovelies.

I’m very happy to say that I feel very happy. I’ve had the most wonderful day. It started at five am, when I got out of bed. My dad and I had breakfast together before driving out to the airport. Being awake really early in the morning felt good, and it made me realise just how much I want to get a job again, something to do, something to fill my day with meaning. Being up and about at the start of the day and getting things done feels great.

My flight was fine. I was a little nervous about it, not because I’m scared of flying, but because I can’t just go home if I start feeling bad. However, I listened to a Harry Potter audiobook and took it easy.

Getting to my grandparents was lovely, it was so nice to see them again and to catch up on what’s been going on.

Then around two I went out again, to Oxford Street, where I did a bit of shopping, then wentΒ to my old beauty salon. I’ve had my nails and hair done, and it just feels really good to have done something nice for myself. Now I’m sitting in a bar I used to go to and enjoying life in way I haven’t done in I don’t know how long.

Being in London again feels amazing. I’m thinking that I really want to move back, maybe in 2018, in the New Year. I feel really relieved because until now I’ve worried that London was lost for me, that I couldn’t get it back. But being here today has made me realise that it’s all still here. Just waiting for me to return. And it will still be here in a year, or two years, or however long it takes me to get well enough to live here again. When I am ready, London will be there.


Hannah xx


Good old tube

Regent street is a beaut

Curl curl curl

4 thoughts on “London oh London

  1. Em says:

    Yay! I love London, I lived there for three years and love going back for visits. A few of my friends still live there and sometimes I day dream about moving back for further study. It’s a great city to live in. OMG Oxford St = ❀ YES! I had to ration myself on the last trip and only give myself a few hours there because I had so much to do but I have such a soft spot for top shop, urban outfitters etc And on the other hand when I lived in London last I used to work as a volunteer on a City Farm near Islington called Freightliners Farm! There is truly something for every one in London!! If and when you decide to move back it will all be there waiting for you for sure πŸ™‚ meanwhile enjoy the holiday! Em

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    • hannahgreenexx says:

      Hi Em, thanks for your comment! London is wonderful, I saw you were there recently on your blog I think. Haha I know what you mean about Oxford Street. I think I’ve been to that City Farm actually, so cute, that’s so nice that you volunteered there! It sounds like you had a really nice time in London as well! xxx

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