Launching A Better Life

Good afternoon everyone, hope all is well out there!

I’m sat at a local cafe, it’s such a fun place, full of umbrellas in the roof, loads of paintings, lights, chandeliers, gorgeous old furniture, all sorts. It’s raining outside but I’m inside so no matter!

I’ve had a nice day, even though it’s been a bit tumultuous. My sister and her husband and son have been around. My nephew is just three years old so everything goes a little haywire when he is about, and normally it is actually a bit much for me with my anxiety and everything, but today I’ve been making an effort to play with him and read with him and he’s not as tiring when you really engage with him instead of just getting frustrated by the “background noise”. It’s amazing what a good attitude can do!

Anyway! I’ve been working on a new page for the blog, called ‘A Better Life’, and I want it to be a place of reference, an overview of the things I write about here.

As you all know, I’m trying to find ways in which to cope with my mental illnesses; depression, anxiety, an eating disorder and recovering from traumatic experiences. As I do this I try out loads of different things (currently really into baths, meditation and the audiobook Happy by Fearne Cotton), and then I write about them here.

So I thought I would make a page which I’ll be updating as I go along, with tips and tricks and links to my posts and other pages that I find useful. Hopefully it can be a resource for somebody, in the way that all the things I’m checking out are resources for me.

It’s still very much a work in progress – so do bear with me as I add content and new posts – I have so many ideas about things I want to write about, so it’ll add up soon enough. Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say, here goes the launch of ‘A Better Life’, let me know what you think!

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