Simple Pleasures

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is having really lovely starts to their Easter holidays.

Something I’ve noticed lately is that an effect of being depressed is that I no longer take the good things in life for granted. I’m so much more aware of all the small joys now. I really enjoy living in the moment, and have a great appreciation for simple pleasures, such as having breakfast with my family on a Sunday morning with nothing particularly bad happening. Or playing cards with my parents. Or enjoying the sight of our decorative small, painted Easter eggs.

It all just seems clearer to me now. There’s something about having been on the opposite side of happiness which makes you much more mindful of what it really feels like to be at peace. Of course, I enjoyed small pleasures before I was depressed, but I enjoyed it as something singular, and not with an appreciation of what was at the other side of the spectrum. Now I do not only enjoy my cup of coffee, but I also enjoy the absence of despair. So for me, depression might turn out to be a positive experience, from which I can take a greater appreciation of feeling good. Overall in your life it might bring you more good than bad.

This might not be an immediate reaction to depression. I’ve certainly had my moments of being trapped in the awful feeling of sitting in a darkness which seemed to consume me, with no thought of appreciating the good things around me. I’m not saying that depression is a rosy little cloud of gratitude, but I think once you get out of it a little, that’s an effect which I personally felt. So that might be something to take a bit of hope for the future from for anyone really struggling right now.


Hannah xx

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