A Perfect Morning

I’m having such lovely mornings nowadays. I’m quite pleased with how I’m sticking to my plans and giving myself a wonderful start to my days. It just sets you up so well for the rest of the day, and leaves you feeling much more ready to take things on. Here’s what works really well for me!


I wake up around nine (I’m lucky to be able to sleep in, counting the blessing!), and the first thing I do is make a list of everything I’m doing that day. I’m really big on intentions and writing lists is a great way to channel that. It really helps throughout the day to have a reference point of what it was you wanted to get done and what you wanted to focus on. Without it I might get stuck in one specific activity (hello internet), so it’s a really great way to keep an overall perspective of your intentions.


Meditation and mindfulness is such a wonderful way to start the day. Currently I am using the Headspace app, which is really great, and doing the 10 minutes a day for 10 days programme (really recommend it!). It’s an introduction to meditation so it isn’t very challenging for me yet, but as I wanted to get into a routine I thought I would ease into one rather than set myself a too high goal and then fall short. Anyway, it’s such a wonderful way to start your day, with a relaxed and aware mind.


I do about half an hour of yoga in the morning. Again, it isn’t very much, but it’s important for me to stick to the morning routine rather than excelling in any of the activities so I’m keeping it easy. I use my app, FitStar Yoga, or a Youtube video. This is the point where I start to really awake, moving my body in a lovely flow and getting grounded in the day.


I enter the kitchen and light the fire, turn on the oven, boil the kettle and busy myself around the kitchen. Doing some tidying and getting rolls out and brewing coffee. Mmmmh, my morning coffee. How I love that first sip of the day, there’s nothing quite like it. I read while I eat, or scroll through Instagram, do my first post of the day and drink my way slowly through three cups of coffee.


I’m very fond of my bath. It’s my big self-care activity and it makes me feel so at ease and relaxed. I get bubbles going and soak in the water for a good half hour while I read or just contemplate life. Also, it is time completely away from my phone. No notifications, messages, alarms, blogs, nothing. Throughout the day I’ve got the phone by my side and I’m aware of the constant flow of activity, but in the bath I don’t have it near me.


Lastly, my one attempt at a healthy diet is my smoothie, full of delicious oat milk, banana, dates and blueberries. After I’ve had this my routine is complete and I’m ready to start the day, often at this point sitting down with my mac and my phone to start my “office time”!

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