Book Review: Cheer Up Love

I’ve listened to the audiobook Cheer Up Love: Adventures in Depression With the Crab of Hate by Susan Calman, comedian and writer from the UK.

I really enjoyed listening. The book is warm and funny, fuzzy and silly and has an all round friendly and feel-good vibe, but at the same time it deals really sensitively and intelligently with the heavy subject that is depression. I really like this approach, it’s so dreary when the word depression immediately makes everything dark and heavy, and I much prefer Calman’s way of dealing with it, inviting you to laugh at both her and yourself and all the silly ways of the mind.

The book is both a memoir, a guide and a source of information. Through her own personal experiences and a wide and thoughtful collection of facts, she systematically goes through the various aspects of depression, and gives advice on how to deal with it all. From her hilarious anecdotes to her peculiar perspectives she keeps a smile on your face throughout her book, and what better way is there really to reading up about the sad and often misinformed subject of depression?

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Cheer Up Love

  1. Em says:

    Great review – this book is going on my to-read list for sure 🙂 I love audio books but haven’t listened to any in ages, it’s such a cosy relaxing thing to do 🙂 x


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