These last few days have been really nice, filled with family and friends and good meals and card games and lovely walks. Spring is in the air. I’m feeling quite grateful actually, which I don’t normally do, so I’m enjoying that. I’m also feeling positive, calm. I can feel my anxiety becoming less pressing, yielding less power over me. It is still there, but in a different way, I’m able to keep doing what I’m doing in spite of it now, instead of curling up in bed.

I’ve also been doing quite well with my lifestyle goals, getting up early, getting plenty of yoga and smoothies in, setting myself up for a good start to the day, so I’m also feeling grateful for that.

My mum recently got a new job, in the countryside on the other side of the country. I’m really happy for her because it’s an exciting new chapter in her life. Right now she is commuting, she’s been home this weekend, and we’ve talked quite a lot about me coming with her and my dad, once he moves over in the autumn. She’s almost got me a job there, as a librarian (my academic and professional background is in literature), and I could get a dog, start riding horses, get my license, start gardening – living the simple life. It sounds pretty idyllic to me.

I wanted to go back to university this autumn and do a masters, but my parents think it is too soon for me to go away and live on my own. I’m not sure what I think, but I guess it isn’t the end of the world to postpone for a year. We’ll see. For now I’ve written my application for the librarian job and will see what happens with that.


Hannah xx

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