WikiHow: How to Deal with Depression

I am going to set myself some new goals. I will set these according to the wikiHow page on ‘How to Deal with Depression.’

The page is split into three parts. The first part is called ‘Diagnosing and Treating Depression’, and I’ve mostly done that bit. It’s to do with recognising that you are depressed, learning about depression and getting help like therapy and medication. I’m well on my way with depression and have already been dealing with the practicalities for about six months.

The second part is called ‘Making Lifestyle Changes’ and it is self-explanatory. It’s the advice from this section which I will use to set my new goals, and I will get back to this.

The third part is called ‘Changing Your Behaviour’, and I think this bit will be really challenging. It’s about all those things which my psychologist and my sister keep talking about, and I have had some trouble getting to grips with it. Some of it is easy, starting a journal for example, I am doing right now, but the headings ‘Changing Your Negative Thinking Patterns’, ‘Understand the Importance of Overcoming Negative Thinking’ and ‘Change The Way You Talk’ fills me with dread. No matter, I’m not setting any goals for the third part yet so I will stay blissfully unenlightened about these things for the time being.

Returning to part two, ‘Making Lifestyle Changes’, there are six bits of advice, and I’ll make one goal per advice.

Advise number 1: Sleep Well. This is a good start because I already sleep really, really well. This morning I slept until noon, no problem. I’m up quite late right now but that is only because I decided to write, which I haven’t done for so long, and so it’s a good thing. Normally I go to bed early. However, I need a goal, and I think I sleep too much if anything, and so my goal will be to get up by ten every day. I’ll set my alarm right now.

Advice number 2: Exercise. I am not currently exercising and so I will need to make a change. My goal is to climb a mountain, I think that’s a solid, well-rounded goal. It may sound quite insurmountable, but luckily I live right below a very easily accessible mountain which only takes half an hour to climb, so I think I’ll be alright. The problem won’t be the climb itself, but the getting dressed and the getting motivated and the getting out of the door and all the other things leading up to the climb.

Advice number 3: Eat Healthy. I eat terribly, so this will be a big one. I have chocolate all the time, and I hardly ever eat vegetables. I used to not eat at all. My goal will be to cook one healthy meal for my family. I have a book, right in front of me in fact, called The Yoga Kitchen, and I will cook something from that.

Advice number 4: Restore Any Neglected Grooming. I am ashamed to admit, but my routines here have rather fallen out. Today for example, I didn’t brush my teeth in the morning, and hadn’t brushed them the night before, so that’s a pretty severe case of neglected grooming right there. My goal will be to get back into solid routines every morning and evening. I will brush my teeth, wash my face and take my medication, and that will be my frame for every day.

Advice number 5: Maintain A Good Support Network. I’m very lucky, I have a great family and a number of great friends. I’m living with my parents right now, because I am ill, so I see them and my brother every day, but I often stay in all day without seeing anyone else and that is no good. So my goal is to see a friend. That’ll be nice.

Advice number 6: Be Around Positive People. I’m not quite sure how to set a goal here, because it’s pretty similar to the previous advice, but it says to ask positive people about advice on how to be positive, so maybe my goal will be to collect my family and friends’ ‘visions, ideas and approaches to life’ and write about what they say. That’s quite a big task but hopefully I’ll manage.

As I complete my goals, I’ll set new, more challenging ones, and so will go on a journey of self-discovery and development. How exciting. I will also, as I conquer all of ‘Part Two: Making Lifestyle Changes’, begin wandering down the road of ‘Part Two: Changing Your Behaviour’, but as I’ve already said, that will be for another day.

Tomorrow is quite a busy day for me already, there is Sunday Breakfast with my family, and then my mum and I are going to an art exhibition, and so I won’t try to do all my goals. I will obviously get up at ten, and then brush my teeth and wash my face and take medication in the morning and evening, but then I’m not sure what else I’ll have time for. Time will tell.

Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see what the extensive advice of WikiHow will do for me, hopefully it’ll work and I can get back to living a life I like to live and I will start feeling like I can bear to be in the present moment again. That would be really, really great.

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