Riding The Wave

I am still riding the wave. The wave is this: one good day miraculously turned into two.

I still feel like I can breathe easy, like my thoughts are free, like I am allowed to be me.

I don’t know how long it will last, but for now I am still just enjoying it while I can. Using it for good, spending time with those who are always there for me, doing work, doing my hobbies, my knitting, enjoying my cups of coffee.

Small pleasures, a rich life.

I am riding the wave.

2 thoughts on “Riding The Wave

  1. depressionistheenemy says:

    I often think it those small, precious moments in life that are the best. So it’s good to read that you are in a good place now . It really does help to live in the moment I find. Worrying too much about past regrets or future worries can really antagonise the mind when it comes to mental illness!


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